Training quality

Our training unit delivers both mandatory and repetitive health and safety training and industry-specific technical core courses and competence in the quality field.
We have both open classes and can offer training activities in our own premises or on site.


- Railyard Safety (BVF924/TDOK 2013:2089)
- Electrical Safety (BVF922/BVF053/BVF1921)
- CPR with AED
- First Aid
- Fire Safety
- Hazardous Hot Works
- Thermosets


- Torque Theory / Wire Locking
- Crimping


- Electrical Theory - tailored to vehicle type
- Mentoring - methodical troubleshooting of trainsystems
- Traintype courses - according to authorized training plan
- Basic troubleshooting – Trainsystem (ie HVAC)

We are member of ,and train accordance with:

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