Flexibility and shift work adaptation.

Our aim is to be a partner with our customers and adapt implementation to as little loss of production as possible. It means that we follow shift work, are able to train at night and can either do intensive training projects or educate on a regular basis.

Total solution

With the service training partner, we act as the customer's own training department. We take responsibility for planning, coordination, execution and monitoring of repetitive training activities in safety, technology and quality. We train mainly in-house, but also through our partners.

Recurrent Monitoring and GAP analysis

We can also provide documentation of certificates and administration of learning activities through our training database with repetitive monitoring.


We want to offer a high standard and apply quality standards and certify ourselves in the respective business. Our idea is to be self-sufficient in the training required for our services and this we also offer our customers.

Palette of obligatory courses

The range is tailored to offer a total solution regarding mandatory, statutory and industry-specific courses.

Practical pedagogy

The training unit characterizes the varied and practical pedagogy to achieve productive learning and create comfort in their translation skills in real life.

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