Refrigerant Services

Category 1

We obtained our business certification in accordance with refrigeration regulation category 1, and provide services of installation, maintenance and overhaul  as well  as disposal of refrigerants and leakage control on mobile refrigeration systems or other systems with unlimited volume of refrigerants eg rail vehicles.

Full Service and Faultfinding

Installation involves on-site assembly of a refrigeration system. Maintenance and overhaul involves the repair of leaks and any measures involving an interference with the refrigeration.

Fleet Management

We perform our duties according to the client's vehicle and maintenance documentation and the local regulations. Our team of certified supervisors and system engineers carry out refrigeration assignments of the entire vehicle fleets.

Our commitment may vary regarding the extent. We could perform maintenance tasks that require certification, take on full responsibility with or without material supply or support with on-call duties on short response time.

We are certified by INCERT.                 

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