Our history

Twindej has about 65 employees. The company, which was founded in 2008, originated with twins Markus and Tobias Dejeby.

The brothers, who were born in July 1975 and raised in Surahammar, have played sports together since they were small. They have always been working on setting goals, achieving them in the best way and having fun at the same time.

As boys, they didn't let anything stand in the way of achieving what they wanted. If there wasn't a ping-pong table, they made one. Their competitive instinct also came in useful when, at the age of ten, they helped with the punch machine in their grandfather's garage. They would receive ten öre per punch and, of course, they found a way to multiply manufacturing and stayed up all night to get things finished. A somewhat surprised grandfather then had to pay out the promised sum.

Or when, much later, they turned up the speed at the ABB foundry one night in order to win the production record, enthusing the entire shift to succeed. They produced one rotor more than the experienced seniors' previous record, who in frustration tried to find fault with the quality to work out the reason for their defeat.

Their commitment to sport has characterised their way of thinking about working life. The focus is on the team. If everyone is happy and has fun, everyone does a better job and everyone can always learn from each other. During a warranty project in China for Bombardier, they were given the chance to operate according to their own ideas for improving work efficiency. It ended up with the customer providing support with the fetching and carrying, so the tempo could be increased and, so that they could learn the technique involved at the same time. An effort, but with a number of consequences.

Slowly, the idea of setting up their own business emerged. Above all, to have the opportunity to exert an influence and to be involved in another way. Experience gathered from various corporate cultures has given them a broader view and the potential to be an asset in different ways.

Markus paints the broad brushstrokes; he is the creative one and the source of inspiration who believes that everything will turnout all right and everything is possible. Tobias, his older brother by a couple of minutes, balances this with the details and leadership. He builds the structure and finds ways to achieve the goal. They share the same interest in technology and thirst for knowledge.

During the time it took to carry out Alstom's delivery project for double-deckers, they developed their methodology for troubleshooting and solving problems using simulation and analysis. Put simply, they had to understand the fault's origin and the systems' interactions, and they spent many nights brooding and studying. It was at that time that they also saw the advantage of using each other as a sounding board to thrash out solutions.

They wanted to spread their own team spirit and energy to others around them.
Twindej has become a tool for this.

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