Release of ELVIS eLearning
(Electrical & Railyard Safety)

Finally release! Nordic Rail, Elmiamässan in Jönköping 6-8th of October. Welcome to visit our stand B06:88 and celebrate the completion of the project ELVIS.

During the past year, Twindej Experience project team been working hard on the pilot project ELVIS. It is an interactive repetative training on the legal statute Electrical Safety BVF922 and Railyard Safety TDOK 2013: 0289.

We have worked hard, tried various paths, learned lessons and tested our way to find the proper pedagogical method, stressed the the knowledge properly, and focused a lot on the user perspective. What is it like for the technicians and engineers in the real work environment and how we can generate sustainable safety culture?

The result became an engaging eLearning of about 1 hour, structured of blended and flexible learning meeting different learning styles, keeps a why-why-focus and by meeting our own availability targets on internal trainingwe can offer the industry a cost effective statutory safety training decreasing the production shortfall and increase the availability of maintenance workshop or consulting operations.

Many thanks to the project team.

Many thanks also to Arlanda Express (Euromaint and A-Train) for access to the track environment, Blackvreten Tågserviceanläggning.

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