Welcome Johnny Lindgren

We have reinforced our organization with a project manager and responsible for the power business area. Johnny Lindgren has worked in sales and as a project manager in the power industry for many years.

His most recent position was at Smidja AB, where he for seven years was responsible for the sale of IT and electrical power. As account manager, he has been running assignments in programming, IT security, project management and electrical design for ABB, Bombardier, Westinghouse, Midroc, Infratek, Eltel, Good Tech.

Johnny also worked as technical project manager and have conducted own assignments. For Infratek, with EON as retail, he led a refurbishment of two power generation facilities, station Rinkeby R81 and R87 Sökvabäck to accommodate changes in the local distribution network in Danderyd and structured electrical design, installation and commissioning. It involved the establishment of 70kV transformation and conversion of 10kV switchgear.

Furthermore, he was responsible for an electrical installation, and testing of substation 130/20/10kV in Hedemoravägen and commissioning of another substation 130/20kV at Eltel in Tolvmanstegen outside Stromstad.

Johnny was educated at Mälardalen University and hold a bachelor's degree in computer engineering but has also taken courses in project management. He began his career at Asea-Atom AB as project engineer for the nuclear power plant Forsmark 3 and administered tender documentation and delivery of diesel generators and fire alarm equipment.

For Neweng AB and Rejlers Ingenjörsbyrå AB, he worked as electrical consultant and project manager and performed services include electrical design of plant schematics for DC installations and drives, he performed logic programming for among others ABB Crane, ABB Pulp & Paper, ABB Industrial Systems. As a technical project manager for ABB Traction and Istanbul Metro system subway system, he held responsibility for coordination and led quote and contract work.

He has also previously worked for the Know-It Mälardalen and ABB Industrial Systems with systems development and programming where he custom function control and monitoring systems, real-time control of industrial processes and process communication, design, programming, testing and documentation of software and system administration.

Johnny lives in a villa in Västerås with his partner and two children, Anton 18 and Emma 17 years. In his spare time he employs himself with various renovation projects on the house and are happy running around the jogging track.

He describes himself as quiet, rigorous, quality-conscious and find it easy to find new ways and ideas for solutions and always deliver it with the utmost care.

We are happy to have acquired Johnny Lindgren to our team and believe his expertise in electrical power and technical project management organization will come in handy. His good communicator qualities, his enterprising, focused and energetic manner will be a great asset for us.

Welcome to Twindej Experience!

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